About Us

Florida Palms University is born in 2020 as a branch of Atlantis University located in Miami, Florida.

The institution has a long history that dates back to 1975 when the founding fathers of Instituto Universitario de Tecnología UNIR in Latin America started an educational venture offering career-focused programs and that soon after expanded into an urban, multi-campus college serving the Latin American community through its residential and online programs, and graduating over 40,000 students living and working worldwide.

Later, in the early 2000’s, under the same ownership but independent from UNIR, Atlantis University was created in Miami, Florida – an accredited institution with a mission of preparing career-minded individuals through quality education. Through the years, Atlantis University has served the US student population interested in its programs and has provided the employment community with well-rounded professionals who have helped many organizations and the US economy grow. After 15 years, Atlantis University continues to grow and to expand its offerings reaching new frontiers, while continuing to meet the needs of its students and the requirements of its regulators, accrediting body, the State, and the U.S. Department of Education.

Eager to meet the demands of an ever-changing student population and employment community, Atlantis University opens its branch campus Florida Palms University to serve the specific needs of a unique student population who lives and works in Florida, speaks English and Spanish fluently, is career-oriented, and who seeks a multi-lingual education with an international perspective and who has a local employment outcome in mind.

The name of the branch campus Florida Palms University is an homage to the institution that started it all and its founding fathers that paved the way to the educational ventures that continue to live and grow strong today.

Committed to shaping successful professionals and responsible individuals for a global community, and under the control and supervision of its main campus Atlantis University in Miami, Florida, Florida Palms University proposes to fulfil the demands of an ever-changing job market and to provide its students with a unique education based on the foundation of strong academic principles and a modern perspective on the world through the delivery of residential programs in different fields, and thus become an international model for learning and professional development.

Educational Philosophy

As a higher education institution, with the goal of shaping capable professionals willing and able to participate in today’s competitive world, Florida Palms University, is committed to:

Quality Education through the use of modern pedagogic methods that include active class participation in order to foster interaction between faculty and students; enabling learners to manage a variety of business and social issues with creativity, responsibility and commitment.
Integrity, honesty, and principles of equality among the student community Respect and sensitivity towards cultural differences as well as for groups with special needs.

Faculty and Administration

Our faculty share a desire to positively influence future community leaders. Like us, they know the power of education and how it can transform lives. Our faculty’s commitment and passion to students inspires all of us. We show them our appreciation by supporting them with professional development programs that include ongoing workshops and mentors.
About Us

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